Since the discovery of electricity, we haven’t looked back. Almost all the appliances, whether found in homes or offices, are operated on electricity only. In many countries, there is only one source of power. But if we talk about Singapore, systems like open market electricity exists. Consumers can choose the electricity plan and the retailer according to them. open market electricity comparison gives an insight into this.


  1. It provides flexibility to the customers. They can choose whatever suits best for them.
  2. Alternatives are endless. One can have a better option as compared to the other.
  3. It not only depends upon the price but offers too. It also depends upon the package consumer is taking, the source of the power, the cost of electricity produced, and many more factors.
  4. Customers can choose their retailer apart from the plans and the packages.
  5. Open Market Electricity Comparison provides you with the best scheme that you can adopt.

open market electricity comparison

Many applications and websites can guide regarding the system of the open electricity market. Calculators and plans that are available on the website of the retailers can help you further. Irrespective of your business or residential area, an open electricity market provides the best services.


The concept of an open electricity market is new for many but is common among Singaporeans. It simply means they have a choice regarding their electricity plans and retailers. They can have it supplied to their home or business building according to their needs. The customer is the king here.