Indonesia – A Fascinating Culture of Tana Toraja


travel in indonesiaTorajan Rite is regarded by culture. Before, Torajans believed the funeral rite called Rambu Solo should be conducted to please the gods the deceased will be forgiven and accepted into heaven. These days, the rite is conducted to honor the family and the deceased. Rambu Solo is an Endeavour lasting. No wonder it attracted thousands of people to help guarantee the funeral rite goes and to attend. Hundreds of hogs and buffaloes were forfeited for Rambu Solo.

Nevertheless, Rambu Solo is but one of the many side of culture. Included in the first wave of people to occupy the Indonesian archipelago and predecessor of the civilization, the heritage and way of life of Torajan is remarkable. Tana Toraja is among the few areas in Indonesia where a home that is tribal is still built by people. It is not uncommon to get tongkonan’s sight sandwiched between paddy fields, with its identifying shaped roof.

Scattered around Makale and Rantepao, capital city of Toraja Regency, are villages with tongkonans that is still occupied by the descendants of its builder. Yet it is considered more while travel in indonesia safety. Kete’kesu has among the number of tongkonans and is the most significant since it is been designated a preservation website.

Across while is an ancient volcano that is as old as the tongkonans, but more, judging from the wood of the inside, grain silos lie that sailors call alang sura. The term cemetery may remind us of bodies buried under ground and gravestones, but no such thing is evident in Tina to Raja. This is another aspect of Toraja culture. They do not bury their civilization they put the inside caves, either organic or man-made. These burial caves exist in rocks that are massive or cliffs.

From Outside, the entry looked small. But inside, the cave is big enough to accommodate bodies. A life size statue is put in the front of the opening. Meanwhile, a baby who has not grown will get treatment. Within tree trunk, like those, the infant is going to be buried Rather than cave. These burial procedures are commonly recognized as one of Indonesia’s extraordinary cultures.

Soon to be World Heritage Site

While Traveling in Tana Toraja, tourist can come across union or home heating ceremonies (called Rambu Tuka) which are also quite unique. The ceremonies entail dances and songs. Torajan individuals hold as part of their routine. Their method of life has made the Torajan famous in the world and Tana Toraja is in the process of being a world Heritage Site.

Getting the Most Out of Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja is a regency situated capital city of South Sulawesi, in South Sulawesi Province, about 380 kilometers from Makassar. Tourist sports are scattered which makes Rantepao town, right at the core of Tana Toraja to start any journey. There are restaurant and hotels in Rantepao that cater to the needs of tourist.