• Few Most Common Questions About Contact Lenses Online Singapore Answered

    Contact lenses have been around for quite some time now. Before, thanks to their high prices, they were affordable only to the elite section of society. Also, them replacing spectacles was a huge thing, and there were many rumors about using contacts. This also gave rise to many myths regarding them. In this article, we shall explore some of the most frequently asked questions regarding contact lenses and also bust a few myths.

    What are contact lenses?

    A contact lens refers to a thin plastic or silicone membrane placed directly n the surface of the to correct any visual defects like myopia, hypermetropia, and other similar refractive errors of the eyes.

    How does a contact lens work?

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    A little bit of Physics and biology here. The light from outside (from the objects around us) enters the eye through the cornea. These rays are then bent to pass through the pupil (through the iris, the colored ball which you see in your eye). 

    A lens is located behind the pupil. This lens focuses the light rays on the retina, which are then perceived by the brain. 

    Refractive errors occur when the image formed by the lens is either in front of the retina (myopia) or behind it (hypermetropia). To obtain a correct clear vision, the image should form on the retina.

    Spectacles and the contact lens online singapore work almost in the same way. They make the light rays focus on the retina. 

    What kinds of contacts are available? 

    There are basically two kinds of contacts available – silicone hydrogel contacts lens and rigid gas permeable contact lenses. The latter is a kind of old school and is not that commonly used these days. However, silicone hydrogel contacts are used more commonly because they are very thin and are very easy for the eyes to get adjusted to.