Wood shutters for your home are available in styles from rural to elegant. Strong and reliable, they provide protection from the sun and meddling passerby. They will last a long time, giving you great value for your money. Not exclusively are wooden exterior shutters a way to add control appeal to your home, they provide economic benefits too. Louvered shutters allow cool breezes to stream while keeping hot air out. And by providing protection against sun, wind, and rain, they help you protect your home investment. Read on for more reasons to invest in quality, customizable exterior wood shutters.

Home Shutter

Historical and Decorative Value

Right away, you will notice a dramatic difference in how your house looks. On the off chance that the windows are the eyes to the home, the shutters set them off and make them more inviting. The overall effect is warm and welcoming.

Decorative and operable Shutter advice generally is sold in three styles: louvered, raised-panel and board and batten.

Louvered shutters give homes an authentic historical appearance. Whether Mediterranean, Mission, or Minimal, any style of home can fit with louvered shutters. Depending on the proportions of the room, windows, and furniture, a narrower or wider louver may be more appropriate to the style of the home. Shutters can feature either fixed or adjustable louvers, in any variety of configurations to suit the style of your project.

Multi-functional shutters with movable louvers rotate for adjustable light, ventilation, and privacy. On a breezy day, wood shutters can be closed to allow cool moderate breezes to pass through the home. Traditionally, raised-panel shutters were used on the principal floor for privacy, and louvered shutters were used on higher levels to allow heat to escape the home.

Durable Protection

Many styles of shutter offer homeowners protection against outside weather conditions. Exterior shutters are often seen in coastal cities, protecting windows against storms. Bermuda shutters in particular provide good protection against strong winds and heavy rain.

Protecting you from the sun, board-and-batten shutters, which are made of thick wooden slabs carved to resemble Southwestern barn shutters or Northeastern colonial shutters, can be closed on scorching days.

A wood like cedar can withstand hurricane-force winds, rain, and scorching heat. On the other hand, it is pliable enough to be carved into different shapes. Compared to other woods like pine, sycamore, and chestnut, cedar is a tougher, more durable choice.

Wood is also a healthy choice for your custom shutters, especially in the event that you have children. Unlike vinyl, wood is a natural material and free of chemicals.