Building project management is not just about job cost management it is about achieving a successful outcome from the architectural brief into the finished building whether it is your home or a commercial office. One thing is for certain, particularly on higher worth developments or Renovation projects instructing an architect is absolutely required. There are lots of reasons for this. The first is that the builder is the professional  that is able to turn what you the customer wants into reality by finding a design that balances functionality and design with planning regulations and accomplishes this within budget.

The second reason is that architects are the best positioned professionals to implement the plan and coordinate the preparation and project management part of the project. Implementation and coordination are the two main skill sets which are vital ignore this at your peril so as to carry out successful construction project management many clients employ both a surveyor and an architect. Among the reasons for this is the perception of the purpose of an architect.

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Once an architect receives his short he will always have the design and the complete cost of the construct from the beginning. On several occasions, but not all, there will be a small reserve for possible cost over runs. It follows that the architect has to know about the cost of material, the expense of labour and also have extensive engineering skills as he needs to know what can technically work and take the loads. In effect the architectural direction in any undertaking has to encompass some overlap between an architect and a quantity surveyor.

The client is a programmer and understands that using an architect will add value in terms of design, finish and job cost management. You see along with the Sutherland Shire Architecture most programmers and lots of renovators of high value properties use a chartered surveyor, an architect and a quantity surveyor. This involves three sets of charges together with the disbursement usually managed by the project manager the architect.

Surveyors and Chartered Quantity Surveyors could be coordinated and costed. To be honest if you are a client wanting a top end scheme and complete or a programmer specialising in high value property renovation you will need a chartered surveyor in your team to evaluate the current market, locate the property and manage the sale. You will find it tough to obtain an architect that does these successfully for the most benefit however in case you discover an architectural practice which homes all three specialist areas then your result are like to be successful.