When you are decorating your home, choosing the right paint tone and finish is essential. Your choice of finish can be used to add character to a room. To help you chose the perfect paint finish for your room we have assembled a basic paint finish guide.

Matt Finish:

Sometimes referred to as a flat finish and is commonly used on interior walls. This choice of finish is extremely good at covering small knocks and cracks within a wall and widely available on the market. Matt finish is paint is often available in a washable format which makes it ideal for room, for example, kitchens and bathrooms.

Paint Finishes


Traditionally, semi shine paint finishing is used on doors, skirting boards and kitchen cabinets. Semi gleam is very easy to clean and provides a good shine without being too brash. On the off chance that you are using this type of finish you should take great care to prepare your surfaces because semi-gleam paint is quite fine and imperfections will show through.

Flat Enamel:

An extremely durable paint provides a matte finish. Flat enamel paint is perfect for bathrooms and is considered rub-resistant. This means it requires very little maintenance although it is advisable to keep a spare tin of the paint.


Reflexive paints are not one of the popular paint finishes for interior walls, however they can be used to great effect on cabinets and trims. Again, careful preparation is required when using this finish. Polished finishes are often likened to enamel or plastic and careful choice of shading is essential.

Eggshell Finish:

Eggshell finishes have become increasingly popular in the last few years and provides a slight hint of gleam. Functions admirably with neutral tones and cleans well.

Satin Finish:

Provides a velvety look with a slight gleam and is used best on doors, trims a ceilings. Satin finish paint is design to hold up to light cleaning and scrubbing and functions admirably in rooms such bathrooms and children rooms.

Remember to make use of testers before painting a whole room. It may be the case that you have shading that you want to use, however you are not sure what finish will work best. Some will perform very differently under different lighting conditions and surfaces.